About Funeral Business Solution Software

Most powerful funeral software in the world, tried and tested solution.

Mobile Ready

This system support mobile, tablets and handheld computers.

Work Anywhere

Manage your business anytime, anywhere in the world.

Highly Secured

Data protection and multi-validation proccess to protect your data.

Save clients time

Capture your client information quick, accurately and fast in FBS

Grow your business

We have no doubt that you will focus in other business needs while FBS is taking care of your dailly functions.

No More Stress

FBS monitor each client payment transaction to ensure their account status known in the business. No more relying to an employee.

Server OS

FBS is hosted and managed on a linux server, meaning it hard to manipulate system securities as it requires only someone who created the system and in our case it the founder of ITEngineering.


We have learn from the past and we have ensured we have a backup server that always take over if the main server crushes. And we always do backup of FBS and we have provided excel exportation of data direct on the client interface.

Dabase Server

Our database server is running saparate from the system server to ensure we provide high performance on the system. This help our members to access fbs easy and ensure their data is secured even from our own employees.


Funeral Business Solution was found by Mr. Sibalikhulu (Director of Sibalikhulu Funerals). He wanted something to run his business. Makhi then develop it for him in 2014. Later Makhi Decided to do a research about funeral industry to create one solution that can be used by all funeral companies in South Africa. That how FBS product was born.

ITEngineering & Media (Pty) Ltd

ITEngineering was started by Mr. Makhi A Ngubane. We specialize in developing software's, websites, desktop apps, android etc. FBS is backed by ITEngineering to ensure it always running smooth. We have a dedicated team of Software Engineers who write state of the art systems and software scripts.

How we work?

We translate your idea into reality using computer programming languages such as Visual Basic, java, php, JavaScript, C++ etc. We write scripts for anyone who want it, it our dailly job.

Validation Purposes

Yes you can though it comes with an additional cost. We treat that as the additional work because it outside the scope of the system.
Your data is very secured, we do database backup every afternoon to ensure if something bad happens we are covered. Alternatively you can do this action by exporting your data every afternoon to ensure you also have your data with you.
FBS is a virtual funeral company on it own, meaning FBS is everything you need to run and grow your business at affordable cost. We are not saying this because we want you to buy our software but we are saying this because we have seen it in action, we know the capability of our software and we did so much research before we built this solution for you.